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Thread: xforwarding under sudo

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    xforwarding under sudo

    I am using xforwarding to bring up a totalview display on my PC in hopes of attaching totalview to a running process. However, after logging on to my host linux platform, I need to sudo to another user under which my appliation is running. After sudo, I type totalview to bring up the "new program" pane. However, it never gets xforwarded back to my PC. If I type totalview as my original logon user, I get the pane so the problem seems to be related to my sudo under another user. Is there any way that the xforwarding can be correctly defined in the sudo session so that that I can use totalview?

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    Re: [stockerr] xforwarding under sudo


    It sounds like a permissions issue. What might be simplest is in whatever X server you have on the PC side, enter a 'xhost +' which allows anyone to connect an X window. Usually they warn against this sine anyone can open an X window on your machine, but in practice I don't think I've seen it done. You should also check your DISPLAY value before you do the sudo, and see what it is afterwards. The sudo may be changing the DISPLAY value, depending on how you do it.

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