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Thread: CGXComboBoxWnd problem

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    Exclamation CGXComboBoxWnd problem

    I have a grid window which includes CGXComboBoxWnd comboboxes in rows of a column. All the comboxes have same items in them, for example all of them includes name of students. My problem is when i choose an item from an combo box then press tab button and then with arrow keys go to the next row of the column which has the same type of combo box, it just selects automatically the selected item from previous combobox. If I select other rows of the column, it continues selecting first selected item to other comboboxes. Why does it select the same item to other CGXComboBoxWnd comboboxes which are on different rows of the same column before I do any selection.
    We weren't have a problem like that when we were using an older version of objective grid. (og 61)
    Now we are using Stingray Studio 10.4.
    and we're using VC++.

    Does anyone know how can we fix this problem?

    Constructor of combobox class is :
    CGridComboBox::CGridComboBox(CGXGridCore* pGrid)
    : CGXComboBoxWnd(pGrid)
    m_bFillWithChoiceList = FALSE;
    m_bSizeToContent = TRUE;
    m_bWantArrowKeys = TRUE;
    m_bSizeToContent = TRUE;
    m_nIndexValue = -1;

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Hi Gizem,
    Please, try fix described in post
    boris Re: Question about m_bInit in... 01-21-2011, 03:36 PM


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    I tried to fix as you wrote in the post, but I couldnt find CGXGridCore::OnGridWindowProc in gxccbwnd file. Fix code can be added to file but what is "<other old code>" written in your post.

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    Yes, BOOL CGXGridCore::OnGridWindowProc(UINT message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam, LRESULT& result) is in another file, gxcomsg.cpp: you could just search in files to find it. "<other old code>" - I meant you add the fix on the top of the funcion body and don't change the rest of the code in function body below.

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    more detail please on this topic
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