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Thread: OG1300 linking problem(perfroming registration)

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    Question OG1300 linking problem(perfroming registration)


    i am trying to build OG1300 lib and got succeeded also but while linking this lib with my application i got performing registration error.
    earlier i was using og1203 lib and all working fine .
    i have also check my application's dll in dependecy walker and found that mfc90u.dll and mcvcr90u.dll is symbol is missing .
    please help me regarding this .


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    I would recommend you use C:\Program Files\Rogue Wave\Stingray Studio 11.0\Bin\UtilityTool to be sure all environment settings are correct. Then it would be helpful if you rebuild all libraries with the same version of MFC-CRT: our prebuilt misc libraries were built with VS 2008 SP1, but there were a few updates in Visual Studio after this, and you need to rebuild all: it is convenient to do it using Utility Tool also. In manifest in your app, you should see only one version of MFC-CRT, that would mean everything was built with this version, otherwise it will not work.

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