I have two named data structures, which I'm trying to concatenate. Both have the same number of variables, and the names of the variables are identical. The difference is in the number of data points within each. The syntax I'm using for the concatenation is:

structure3={struct3_description, name:'', var1:[structure1.var1(*), structure2.var1(*)], ... varN:[structure1.varN(*), structure2.varN(*)]}

The error I'm getting is, "Conflicting data structures: <INT array(56491)>, struct3_description

where 56491 is the sum of elements of structure1 and structure2.

I'm at a loss as to why I'm getting this error, because other than the number of elements within the variables, the two structures are ABSOLUTELY IDENTICAL. Any thoughts as to where I'm going wrong? Is there a better, more condensed way of concatenating structures other than explicitly defining every variable within two identical structures to be combined?

I'm working in the Unix/Solaris environment.