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Thread: Announcing the availability of the TotalView 8.10 and MemoryScape 3.2.3

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    Announcing the availability of the TotalView 8.10 and MemoryScape 3.2.3

    I am pleased to announce availability of TotalView 8.10 and MemoryScape 3.2.3. This is a significant release which delivers improved support for the Cray XE 6 and XK6 environments, gives you a way to start exploring OpenACC, provides convenient ReplayEngine functionality, visual feedback for new and occasional users, and improves the scalability in non-interactive batch usage.

    Specifically this release includes the following features

    * Support for CUDA 4.1
    * Replay on Demand, which gives you the ability to activate ReplayEngine in the middle of a debugging session.
    * Improved visibility of the dive operation in the source pane -- red boxes appear around dive-able objects
    * ReplayEngine support on the Cray XE
    * NVIDIA CUDA support on the Cray XK
    * Improved TVScript scalability
    * C++View in applications being played back with ReplayEngine
    * Support for dynamic memory debugging on the BlueGene/P
    * Platform and compiler updates including AIX 7 and Cray CCE 8

    This release also includes the early access version of our support for the Cray CCE OpenACC language extension. OpenACC is a pragma based extension that can be used to tell the compiler where there is data-parallel work that can be offloaded to a GPU (or potentially to other accelerators in the future) for computation. OpenACC takes care of data movement and other details that the user has to manage manually with CUDA. TotalView 8.10 can be used to debug OpenACC programs compiled with the Cray CCE 8 compiler. This feature is currently in a not-officially-supported early access state. That having been said we aren't aware of any bugs, so we think that it should be ready for customer use. Please provide feedback to the support address below if you have any questions or concerns about the OpenACC support in TotalView 8.10.

    Check out the Release Notes and New Features document.

    Download your copy today from our FTP server. This link will expire in about a month from today.

    Please contact us at or if you have any question about this release.

    Chris Gottbrath
    Product Manager
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