I am pleased to announce the release of our new version of ThreadSpotter - the most advanced and easy-to-use performance optimization product for single- and multi-threaded applications. With this ThreadSpotter version, we focused on providing support for Cray, so that you can better optimize your applications and leverage the extreme power of your Cray platform.

ThreadSpotter 2012.1 features support for the Cray XT, XE and XK series supercomputers. ThreadSpotter is now compatible with ALPS and we have documented launch scripts for PBS Pro, MOAB+Torque, and SLURM resource management systems.

Additional new features include

* Updated CPU database (AMD Bulldozer series, Intel Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge series')
* CPU database entries for the processors on Blue Gene/L, Blue Gene/P and Blue Gene/Q series supercomputers.
* Improved flexibility for sampling applications on Microsoft Windows
* Improved sampling performance for multithreaded apps
* Improved handling of signal-intensive apps
* Improved handling of self-modifying applications on Linux

If you have a subscription to ThreadSpotter or a maintenance contract on a permanent license you may upgrade to ThreadSpotter 2012.1. Request an update to ThreadSpotter 2012.1 or contact your account representative.

Release notes and general information about ThreadSpotter is available online.

Wishing you effective optimization,
Chris Gottbrath
Principal Product Manager