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Thread: RW CString - understanding

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    RW CString - understanding

    Header File

    void* m_buffer;

    m_buffer = (void *)new RWCString; //member variable intitialized in constructor

    if (m_buffer)
    RWCString *pBuffer = (RWCString *)(m_buffer)
    delete pStatementBuffer;

    RWCString *pBuffer = (RWCString*)m_buffer;
    *pBuffer = "";


    AssignData(LPCTSTR format, ...)
    char buffer[2048];
    char *buffer_ptr = buffer;
    va_list argList;

    //used sprintf to create format and arglist to form sqlcommand and store in buffer_ptr
    for e.g. sprintf(buffer_ptr, format, argList);

    RWCString *pBuffer = (RWCString *)m_buffer;

    Being first time user of Roguewave and working on some already written code.
    I am having hard time to understand if this code is causing any memory leak.
    Because AssignData can be called 4-5 times in sequence, that means it will keep appending more buffer.
    Then function does some other execution and calls ClearData.

    Then again few AssignData calls and clearData.

    Does clearData is taking care of deallocating memory.

    Any help is appreciated!
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