We are pleased to announce the availability of a TotalView service release.

This is the second service release to TotalView 8.11.0. It makes 17 Customer bug fixes available including:

TotalView fails to read slurm’s totalview_jobid for a second bulk launch of the debug server as may be needed in a subset attach.
TotalView takes a Fatal Error with the message, Failed to append the location of the virtual table entry.
TotalView takes a long time to step through subroutine and function code that has no debug information.
Memscript reports an error calling the event handler, “(can’t read “event_data”: no such variable)”
Attempting to evaluate a function that is contained in a library that uses a separate gnu_debuglink file fails with the message “Unable to find trap pc location”
Trying to debug an MPI job with the latest releases of IBM’s poe fails to gain access to any process not running on the local host.
TotalView fails with an Internal Error if a user tries to find the next leaked block inside the MemoryScape window after the process was killed.
The TotalView debug server fails to start on an Xeon Phi device which is assigned an address through DHCP.
TotalView fails with a double free if /lib64 or /usr/lib64 is included in the users LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable on recent Red Hat systems.
Trying to sort an MPI job by the ID field in the MemoryScape window causes an Internal Error.

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Please contact us at sales@roguewave.com or tvsupport@roguewave.com if you have any question about this release.

Chris Gottbrath
Principal Product Manager