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    TotalView 8.12 beta

    Dear TotalView Users,

    It is my pleasure to announce the Beta for TotalView 8.12. We would like to invite you to participate in this beta program and give us feedback on how this version of TotalView works for you, in your environment, and with your programs.

    TotalView 8.12 introduces full support for the new Intel Xeon Phi, Cray XC, and for Apple OS X Lion and Mountain Lion.

    We've also added a new debugging session management capability to TotalView. You will now be able to save information about the program that you are debugging and your various debugging settings from one debugging session to the next.

    The list of new features and enhancements in this release is:

    * Intel Xeon Phi support
    * Cray XC
    * Apple OS X Lion and Mountain Lion support
    * The new Sessions Manager
    * Wide platforms updates, including
    *** RH EL 6u2, Fedora 17, Fedora 18,
    *** gcc/gfortran 4.7.2, pgi 12.8, Intel 2013 Compiler suite
    *** OpenMPI 1.6.3, Intel MPI 4.1
    * Initial support for AVX instructions
    * Support for the Cray Abnormal Termination Processing (ATP)
    * New capabilities for sorting and filtering breakpoint addresses
    * Extended STLView support for the STL set, multi-set and multi-map templates
    * Improved start up, stepping, variable viewing and breakpoint setting performance on C++ programs that make extensive use of templates
    * Improved performance at scale

    The beta program will include two webinars, one introducing the new features and capabilities of TotalView 8.12 and a second to answer questions and gather any feedback.

    To participate, please email with the following information:

    Will you be able to test TotalView with the Intel Xeon Phi?
    Will you be able to test TotalView on Mac OS X Lion or Mountain Lion?
    Will you be able to test TotalView on a Cray XC system?
    What are the platforms you plan to test TotalView on?
    How long have you used TotalView?

    Thanks in advance for your help with testing this beta version.

    Chris Gottbrath
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