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Thread: Macro and PICK samples

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    Macro and PICK samples

    Use this thread to share your macro or PICK samples.
    Use this thread to learn what others are doing with macros and PICK BASIC commands.

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    3. Please format and comment your posted code for readability and understanding.
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    7. Please be kind, courteous and professional when posting to this and other forums.
    8. Have FUN!
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    Grid ActiveX control MACRO sample

    REM This macro demonstrates how to handle properties, methods and events for Grid ActiveX control
    REM Delays required for correct work may need to be adjusted depending on the system used
     PRINT chr$(27) ; "_201;1;5;40;20;40wGRID1;MSFlexGridLib.MSFlexGrid.1" ; chr$(27);"\" ;
     PRINT chr$(27);"_203wGRID1;EDITABLE;TRUE" ; chr$(27);"\" ;                         
     PRINT chr$(27);"_203wGRID1;COLS;5" ;chr$(27);"\" ;   
     PRINT chr$(27);"_203wGRID1;FIXEDCOLS;1";chr$(27);"\" ;              
     PRINT chr$(27);"_203wGRID1;FORMATSTRING; LOGON||TOTAL       ||VOLUME||DAYS||VAL";chr$(27);"\" ;                                                           
     PRINT chr$(27);"_203wGRID1;REDRAW;TRUE";chr$(27);"\" ;
     PRINT chr$(27);"_203wGRID1;TEXTARRAY;1;aaaa";chr$(27);"\" ;  
     PRINT chr$(27);"_203wGRID1;TEXTARRAY;7;bbbbb";chr$(27);"\" ;  
     PRINT chr$(27);"_204wGRID1;ADDITEM;CPA"+chr$(9)+"38,029.00"+chr$(9)+"45"+chr$(9)+"30"+chr$(9)+"25";chr$(27);"\" ;
     DELAY 1
     PRINT chr$(27);"_204wGRID1;ADDITEM;APA"+chr$(9)+"8,029.00"+chr$(9)+"5"+chr$(9)+"3"+chr$(9)+"2";chr$(27);"\" ;
     DIM CellText$, Event$, EventName$ AS STRING
     DIM CellRow$,CellCol$ AS STRING
     DELAY 1
     PRINT chr$(27);"_202wGRID1;TEXTARRAY;7";chr$(27);"\" ;
     INPUT CellText$
     PRINT CellText$
     CellText$= id$(CellText$)
     PRINT "Text in cell 7 is  *" ;CellText$;"*"
     DELAY 1
     PRINT chr$(27);"_203wGRID1;TEXTARRAY;6;";CellText$;chr$(27);"\" ; 
     PRINT chr$(27);"_203wGRID1;ENABLEEVENT;EnterCell;";chr$(27);"\" ;  
     PRINT chr$(27);"_15;2;16wGRID1";chr$(27);"\";
     INPUT Event$
     PRINT Event$
     EventName$ = Field$(Event$,",",3)
     PRINT EventName$
     IF EventName$="EnterCell" THEN
     PRINT chr$(27);"_202wGRID1;Row";chr$(27);"\" ;
     INPUT CellRow$
     PRINT CellRow$
     PRINT chr$(27);"_202wGRID1;Col";chr$(27);"\" ;
     INPUT CellCol$
     PRINT CellCol$
     CellRow$ = id$(CellRow$)
     CellCol$ = id$(CellCol$)
     PRINT chr$(27);"_202wGRID1;TEXTMATRIX;"+CellRow$+";"+CellCol$;chr$(27);"\" ;
     INPUT CellText$
     PRINT CellText$
     DELAY 10
     PRINT chr$(27) ; "_10wGRID1" ; chr$(27) ; "\" ; 

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