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Thread: Announcing the Availability of TotalView 8.12 and MemoryScape 3.4

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    Announcing the Availability of TotalView 8.12 and MemoryScape 3.4

    I am pleased to announce availability of TotalView 8.12 and MemoryScape 3.4. TotalView 8.12 provides support for the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor and Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion.

    Specifically this release includes:

    Intel Xeon Phi support

    TotalView supports the incremental usage model where the main code is run on the host processor and numerically intensive routines offloaded to the coprocessor using Intel Language Extensions for Offloading (LEO). It also supports scenarios where the program to be debugged has been compiled directly for the Xeon Phi and is run directly or by using a lancher such as mpiexec. TotalView can debug one or many processes running on one or more Xeon Phi coprocessor. These processes can contain many threads (often instantiated using OpenMP).

    Cray XC

    TotalView 8.12 official supports the Cray XC30 platform.

    Apple OS X Lion and Mountain Lion

    TotalView 8.12 officially supports OS X Lion and Mountain Lion.

    The Sessions Manager

    This feature makes it easier for you to manage a variety of different debugging sessions. You can manage and manipulate session information like target executable, paths and settings.

    Initial support for AVX instructions

    This release provides support for debugging code that includes AVX instructions. There are some known issues with AVX disassembly and with register display for some of the new AVX addressing modes. These will be addressed in a future release.

    Cray Abnormal Termination Processing (ATP)

    TotalView is compatible with the Cray ATP tool.

    New capability for sorting and filtering breakpoint addresses

    This version of TotalView gives you more nuanced control when you are setting breakpoints on some but not all template instances in heavily templated code.

    STLView support for the STL set, multi-set and multi-map templates

    TotalView will now automatically transform these STL template objects.

    Improved performance

    This release incorporates various changes and refinements that should improve performance both at large scale (number of processes) and with start up, stepping, variable viewing and breakpoint setting with C++ programs that make extensive use of templates and therefore include a larger than usual number of variable and function symbols.

    OS, Compiler, and Library Compatibility Updates

    This release includes a number of platform and compiler updates including: Fedora 17 and 18, RHEL 6 update 2. GCC 4.7.2, PGI 12.8, and Intel 2013 Compiler. See the Platform and System Requirements document for details on what is supported.

    Check out the Release Notes and New Features document.

    Request an update to get started using the new version.

    Please contact us at or if you have any question about this release.

    Chris Gottbrath
    Principal Product Manager
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