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Thread: Problem with combobox and GetValueRowCol

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    Question Problem with combobox and GetValueRowCol


    I have a grid in which I have added a column that displays a combobox with several options. These options are populated from an sql query and I use the value from another column as a key to that sql query.

    The problem I have is, that when I use the function GetValueRowCol() to get a value from a cell in another column, that value is displayed as current value for the combobox, which is incorrect. The following picture explains:

    The combobox is populated in the overridden function GetStyleRowCol, like this:
    sForbId = GetValueRowCol(nRow, ID1);
    sChoices = DbLoadComboRlink(sForbId); // Runs Sql query with value of cell in column "ID1" as key

    Can anyone explain why I get the value of column "ID1" in the combobox column ("Rlink B")?
    I'm thankful for any replies!

    Kind regards
    Martin Sigbjorn
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