We are pleased to say that the TotalView service release, TotalView 8.12.0-1, is available on our website.

This is the first service release to TotalView 8.12.0. It makes 13 customer bug fixes available for the following issues:

TVT-14304 Fatal Error: Group wasn’t in the group list variable. This is most often seen when trying to attach to multiple processes, or after detaching and trying to attach again.
TVT-15054 ‘Can’t read type info’ warnings are emitted for debug stabs data from the recent Sun Studio 12 compiler.
TVT-15516 Attempts to cut and paste text into a Sessions Manager field that contains a gray hint will embed the text in the hint.
TVT-15531 The TotalView Individual Installer fails to recognize 64 bit OSX on the Mac and only installs on 32 bit machines.
TVT-15540 TotalView may hang inside the MPI_Init call when debugging mixed MPI (MPMD) programs.
TVT-15554 Fonts in the new Sessions Manager windows may show up as boxes.
TVT-15562 TotalView will display assembler code instead of source for compilers that emit DWARF 4 information (gcc 4.8 for one).
TVT-15564 TotalView may fail with a Fatal Error when a tool tip event is invoked from the source pane while processing large amounts of symbol information.
TVT-15565 Adding more than one Environment variable in the program environment box of the new Sessions Manager is handled incorrectly and the hint is wrong.
TVT-15576 Clicking ‘OK’ in the Action Point Addresses dialog box for a pending breakpoint will trigger an Assert failure.
TVT-15586 On BlueGene/Q debugging a target program that contains Python sections led to a Fatal Error:register_raw_library: Library ‘xxxx.so.1’ appeared with different asect counts.
TVT-15592 A C++View callback for a local variable runs into a segmentation violation if the user stops at a breakpoint prior to initialization of the local variable.
TVT-15626 MemoryScape fonts will show as boxes on some systems

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Please contact us at sales@roguewave.com or tvsupport@roguewave.com if you have any question about this release.

Chris Gottbrath
Principal Product Manager