I'm using bulkInserted (Source Pro 10 and 11) with Oracle 10g or 11g a for a long time.

But each time we face a crash while inserting ( with rwBulkInserter.execute()), I've never been able to determine precisely which element caused the crash? I always created a single stored procedure and called it for each position of the vector. This is a waste of time :-(

For example, see the case below :

Each argument of rwBulkInserter is a vector of 20000 elements. in my m_prwv_rwFTATAXCODE string vector (600th position), I put a code which will violate the foreign key activated on the column in DB.

In case of crash, is there a way to determine precisely which element (600th in my example) caused the issue ?

Thank you for the help.

if (m_prwv_iFTAFACID->entries())
m_rwTable = m_rwDbDatabase.table(FACTAXE);

RWDBBulkInserter rwBulkInserter = m_rwTable.bulkInserter(m_rwConnection);


m_rwResult = rwBulkInserter.execute();
if (!m_rwResult.isValid())
return RET_KO;