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Thread: imsl_d_int_fcn_sing_2d error 63019

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    imsl_d_int_fcn_sing_2d error 63019

    I use the function "imsl_d_int_fcn_sing_2d" to calculate one integral, but there exist an error. How to deal with this? Thank you very much!

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    Your post does not contain enough information for a useful response. The cause of your error is not identifiable unless you post some code that reproduces the error.

    Since the error message from IMSL is not printed in full, it appears your system is not setup correctly to locate the CNL error message file. Error 69013 should issue a message like,
    63019 IMSL_CRITERIA_NOT_SATISFIED The algorithm has terminated without satisfying any of the error tolerance criteria. The error estimate is %(F1).

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