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Thread: Announcing the availability of TotalView 8.14

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    Announcing the availability of TotalView 8.14

    We are pleased to announce the availability of TotalView 8.14.

    TotalView 8.14 simplifies and shortens the process of developing, debugging, and optimizing complex applications. TotalView 8.14 is faster and more responsive at-scale, supports new compilers, extends our powerful type transformation support to cover more C++ template collection objects and introduces the ability to save and load the recordings of execution history. At the same time we are releasing updates to MemoryScape (3.6) and ReplayEngine (2.4).

    This version includes performance improvements in two areas. First, for large C++ applications TotalView sometimes took a long time to load as it was processing symbol table data. We've optimized a number of those cases as well as made operations that still run long cancel-able in more instances. Second, we continue to work on performance optimization of startup and other operations at large scale. These changes include both internal changes to the way data is handled and also GUI improvements to express program state in a more scalable manner. This release updates the MRNnet based scalable communication infrastructure that has been available in early access. If you are interested in getting early access to these improvements in TotalView's performance at large scale please contact We're currently still distributing the scalable infrastructure in a separate distribution tar-file.

    With this release, we also provide early access to a save and load function in TotalView’s reverse debugging capability, ReplayEngine. This allows you to record program execution during one debugging session, save the execution history and then come back at a later date and explore that recorded execution history. This creates a strong foundation which users will be able to use in a wide variety of ways. Being able to separate recording and analyzing the recording means you can record when the problem manifests and sit down and analyze it when the right people are available to discuss what you see. You can now compare program execution across different runs. Recording can be done in a batch type environment with analysis being done interactively. This early access functionality is included in the regular tar file.

    TotalView 8.14 now supports CUDA™ 6.0 including CUDA Unified Memory as well as CUDA Dynamic Parallelism. We also carry forward to support for Cray CCE OpenACC® and the Intel® Xeon® Phi™.

    We also enhanced our STLView support to transform additional collection objects: unordered_set, unordered_map, unordered_multiset, and unordered_multimap. At this stage these transforms are only available for GCC but we will be adding Intel, PGI, etc. in future releases.

    Updated and additional compilers, parallel runtimes, and operating systems:

    * PGI Compiler version 14.4
    * Red Hat Fedora 20
    * Argonne MPICH 3.1
    * Cray CCE 8.3.1
    * Intel Composer XE for Linux 2013 SP1 Update 2 (14.0.2)
    * Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6u5 x86 64-bit and 32-bit and
    * GNU GCC 4.8.2.

    See the release notes at

    Request a download to get started using the new version at

    Please contact us at or if you have any question about this release.

    Chris Gottbrath
    Principal Product Manager
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