There is a consulting company that my company has hired to help our QA department via automated testing.
They have requested that we add a couple of their specific files (.cpp and .h) to allow them to do automated testing with the Stingray grids.
Then, we will include some code in the CGXGridCore constructor (in GXCore.cpp) that calls their stuff.

Here are their specific instructions:
1. Extract TestAutomation.zip
2. Copy header file "TestAutomation.h" and source file "TestAutomation.cpp" to E:\Include_Lib\Rogue Wave\Stingray Studio 11.0\Src\Grid (the path provided by you)
3. Open GXCore.cpp to add code:
a. Put this after all default header declarations section of the Stingray library
#include "TestAutomation.h"

b. In the CGXGridCore constructor:
//Using registry value to active TA's plug-in
//Users can use their own function to read this registry value
DWORD dwTASupportMode;
if (readDWORDRegistry(TA_KEYPATH, TA_STINGRAY_KEYNAME, &dwTASupportMode) == TRUE
&& dwTASupportMode >= TA_STINGRAY_ENABLED){
AddPlugin(new CTAPluginComponent(this));

So, I am entrusted with rebuilding at least the grid libraries with their stuff.

I'd like to be able to do this in Visual Studio 12.
From what I've googled so far, it could be possible via running the appropriate mak file, i.e.,
probably C:\INCLUDE_LIB\ROGUE WAVE\Stingray Studio 11.0\Src\Grid\BkEndMak\bldback11.mak, which builds the 32-Bit or 64-Bit Objective Grid VC++ 11.0 library.
Or, there is also a grid11.mak file.

Or, I think I may be more on the right track with a grid11.sln file (in C:\INCLUDE_LIB\ROGUE WAVE\Stingray Studio 11.0\Src\), but I'm not sure.
It seems I should be able to load that sln file in Visual Studio, then tweak my build directories, and hopefully build something.

Thanks. I appreciate your input.