We are pleased to announce the release of TotalView 8.15 featuring a tremendous leap in raw scalability and in debugger responsiveness. Over the past several years we’ve taken up the challenge of preparing TotalView for the kinds of extreme scales needed for the exascale future of HPC. Using feedback from various previews, we’re now making the scalable tree-based communication infrastructure the standard mechanism for TotalVIew. The result of this change and associated optimizations is a 20x reduction in start up time on the Cray and similar performance gains on Linux and Blue Gene supercomputers. TotalView can now be used to interactively debug at scales of 20,000 – 200,000 processes. We’ve done tests with more than 1 million threads in a single debug session.

It will be a few years before most users need to do that on a routine basis but we know that occasions for large scale debugging are starting to occur now and we’ve seen growth in the “average” size of large scale debugging sessions. TotalView addresses even the most demanding users current needs, and the foundation we’ve created means TotalView will perform on the exascale generation of systems on the horizon.

TotalView 8.15 delivers performance improvements for C++ programs that heavily leverage templates as well as those programs that make use of dynamic shared objects. Together these two capabilities can put stress on a debugger through an explosion in the volume of function and type information. With this release, we’ve optimized the way TotalView stores and searches this information so that the debugger can be more responsive when you are stepping and clicking around C++ programs with these characteristics.

We’ve also greatly improved the performance of MemoryScape across large parallel jobs. MemoryScape can now be used at a much larger scale, though it is still advisable that you select a single process when using the leak detection functionality within a large job.

Rogue Wave products support a diverse set of compilers, operating systems, and programming styles reflecting of our commitment to supporting your environment. TotalView 8.15 adds support for Intel 15.0 and PGI 14.4 compilers.

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Please contact us at sales@roguewave.com or support@roguewave.com if you have any question about this release.

Chris Gottbrath
Principal Product Manager