Just sharing a scenario I have observed that I don't see documented in the FAQ or release notes. It is a somewhat obscure situation but someone might bump into it sometime.

I have TotalView on a virtual machine and I set that virtual machine to use "host only networking" which is a really simple virtual network. Significantly, vmware doesn't even try to provide DNS or anything like that to the host only network, the host and the virtual machine just get ip addresses. I'm using Ubuntu as the guest OS.

When I start up TotalView in this environment it takes about 5 minutes. strace reveals that it is doing address and hostname lookups based the active network adaptors and the entires in /etc/hosts.

In any case I've found the following workarounds.

1. Don't use host only networking. Either turning off the host only network or using a NAT or Bridged configuration seems to work.
2. Add an entry to /etc/hosts for the ip address that the host only network gets assigned. So if the VM has as the ip address within the virtual host only network then add localhost-host-only-network

to the /etc/hosts file.