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Thread: What’s New in the 8T.15.7-1 release?

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    What’s New in the 8T.15.7-1 release?

    The official release of 8.15.7 is just around the corner but the TotalView development team is excited to have developers try out the latest new features!

    • CUDA 7 Core Files Support

    TotalView now supports debugging core files generated from a GPU core dump when a GPU exception is encountered. TotalView loads GPU-generated core files in the same way as traditional core files, making it possible to inspect the state of GPU code and the point at which it crashed.

    • PGI OpenACC Support

    TotalView has been updated to work with the latest versions of the PGI compiler and has been verified to debug code written with the OpenACC Application Program Interface. This enables easy debugging of PGI OpenACC applications that offload code from a host CPU to an attached accelerator device.

    • Solaris 11 platform support

    • PGI 15.5 compiler support
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