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Thread: Announcing the TotalView Evergreen Beta

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    Announcing the TotalView Evergreen Beta

    It is my pleasure to announce that we are starting a new way of running our beta programs. The Evergreen Beta will be an ongoing opportunity for you to try out the latest new capabilities from Rogue Wave. Rather than starting and stopping short term beta programs we are going to have a single "ongoing" beta program. We will let you know what is new and if you are interested you can download the latest from the Evergreen Beta and participate. We won't be providing any special Beta keys, anyone with a current TotalView maintenance and support can participate using your standard TotalView license key.

    Our first beta drop is available now and features the ability to debug OpenACC programs created with the PGI compiler, CUDA 7 Corefiles, Solaris 11, and PGI 15.5 compiler support.

    Announcements and instructions are available at :

    -Chris Gottbrath
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