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Thread: Eclipse plugin for PV-WAVE?

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    Eclipse plugin for PV-WAVE?


    Has anyone run across or created their own Eclipse plugin for developing PV-WAVE code? Eclipse is an open-source software framework typically used to develop IDEs (Integrated Development Environments). Eclipse is what Websphere Studio Appl Dev (WSAD) is built on to develop Java.

    Specifically I am looking for an Eclipse plugin which has the following features:
    - syntax highlighting
    - content assist (helps finish a tag or line of code in the source editor)
    - syntax expansion (inserts entire constructs, closing brackets, etc.)
    - code beautifiers
    - repository synchronizing
    - version difference analysis
    - auto-compiling and checking
    - graphical debugger with GUI controls (breakpoints, step into, etc.)

    I did find the SlickEdit Plug-In ( which comes close (it does support PV-WAVE), but does not have the GUI debugging functionality. I talked with someone at the company who said the debugger would open a native WAVE window in which you could not watch variables, control the flow, etc.

    Any thoughts?

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    Eclipse Plug-in


    There is not a complete PV-WAVE editor/debugger for Eclipse at this time but there is at least a syntax highlighting mode available. To get the plug-in go to:

    and get the ColorEditor plug-in. This is useful as it provides syntax highlighting for over a hundred different file formats in addition to PV-WAVE.

    In order to use this with PV-WAVE you do need to make one modification. Inside the file cbg.editor_1.2.3.jar (you can open it with WinZip) there is a file called modes/catalog which lists all mode files and extensions for each file type. You need to change the extension for "pvwave" files from ".jou" to ".pro" and the extension for prolog files from ".pro" to ".prolog" (or just delete the line). You must edit this file and make sure it is replaced in the jar file with the path "/modes/catalog". After doing this place the jar file in your eclipse/plugins directory and it is ready to go.


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    the file

    Here is the jar file that Steve mentioned.

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    With the new release of PV-WAVE (9.0), VNI has bundled an Eclipse plugin for editing and debugging PV-WAVE source files. It contains many of the features you requested. The plugin is in the wave/bin/plugins directory.

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