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Thread: Max number of iteration for LPRS

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    Max number of iteration for LPRS

    I was trying to use LPRS to get better performance than DENSE_LP on fairly large problems (apparently, LPRS is parallelized while DENSE_LP is not). However, where DENSE_LP gives a good answer, LPRS exits with a "maximum number of iterations reached" error, and a bad answer.
    I haven't been able to find a way to change the max number of iterations for LPRS. It seems silly that it would be hard-coded. Is there a hidden parameter that would let me increase the number of iterations?
    Thanks in advance if anyone has info about this.



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    Hi Cedric,

    DLPRS does not have an option to increase the maximum iterations. The error message should state that the algorithm is not making good progress or it is cycling.


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    Quote Originally Posted by allomylife
    I have contacted RogueWave regarding the crash issues I've been facing, been 2 weeks got no response get. The forum seem inactive too, how do I get some support?
    This is a public forum, and you have added a parasitic post to an unrelated thread. If you open a new thread and post details of your question, forum readers may try to help.

    Forum members, unless they are Roguewave employees, do not see and are not even aware of your exchanges with Roguewave outside of this forum.

    You may reach Roguewave product support at , if you are a registered customer.

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