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Thread: Bogus results from FNL7.0 Stat Library Function BETIN()

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    Thumbs up Bogus results from FNL7.0 Stat Library Function BETIN()

    The function BETIN(Q, p, q) returns the value of the inverse of the regularized beta function, I_x(p,q), using the notation of . For large values of the parameter q, the routine from IMSL FNL 7.0 returns inaccurate or even completely bogus values.

    The FNL documentation for FIN, the corresponding inverse for the F-distribution, states that FIN(Q, p1, q1) is obtained using the well-known transformation (see ) from the results from BETIN. Curiously, if I use the transformation in reverse, by calling FIN first, I obtain reasonable, if not always accurate, results, for the beta-inverse values.

    The following Fortran code will produce illustrative results.

          program xibeta
          USE BETIN_INT
          USE FIN_INT
          IMPLICIT   NONE
          REAL       QIN(7), X1, X2, Y, Quant,d1,d2
          integer i,j
          data QIN/1E3,2E3,5E3,1E4,2E4,5E4,1E5/
          Quant=0.9999                        ! quantile value
          d1=2.0                              ! PIN of BETIN
          DO I=1,7
             d2 = QIN(i)                      ! QIN of BETIN
             X1 = BETIN(Quant,d1,d2)          ! Result from BETIN
             Y  = FIN(Quant,2.0*d1,2.0*d2)
             X2 = 1.0/(1.0+d2/(Y*d1))         ! Result from FIN
             WRITE (*,10)d2,X1,X2
          END DO
       10 format(F7.0,2x,1p2E12.5)
    Here are the results from FNL7, for p ("PIN") = 2.0 and various large values of q ("QIN") for the quantile value Q = 0.9999, with an additional column containing the results from Maple-17 (command: with(Statistics): Quantile(('Beta')(p, q), Q); )

       q      BETIN (FNL)  From FIN (FNL)   Maple-17
      1000.   1.16814E-2    1.16815E-2    1.16817E-2
      2000.   5.85949E-3    5.85941E-3    5.85948E-3
      5000.   2.34829E-3    2.34814E-3    2.34828E-3
     10000.   1.17485E-3    1.17498E-3    1.17489E-3
     20000.   4.33734E-3    5.87595E-4    5.87631E-4
     50000.   3.76282E-1    2.35025E-4    2.35097E-4
    100000.   3.79713E-1    1.17527E-4    1.17556E-4
    The last two values in the second column are bogus. Earlier values in the same column are reasonable, but not accurate.
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    Please report this problem to customer support. We will check if this exists in IMSL Fortran 7.1. If the issue occurs in 7.1 we will create a bug report to fix in the upcoming release. By reporting directly to customer support we will contact you directly to let you know the issue is fixed.
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    When the included source code is converted to double precision BETIN returns
    results identical to FIN and Maple-17. It is our recommendation that the
    double precision version of BETIN be used.

        program xibeta
        USE FIN_INT
        REAL(kind(1d0)) QIN(7), X1, X2, Y, Quant, d1, d2
        integer i,j
        data QIN/1.d3, 2.d3, 5.d3, 1.d4, 2.d4, 5.d4, 1.d5/
        Quant=0.9999d0 ! quantile value
        d1=2.0d0 ! PIN of BETIN
        DO I=1,7
            d2 = QIN ! QIN of BETIN
            X1 = BETIN(Quant, d1, d2) ! Result from BETIN
            Y = FIN(Quant, 2.0d0*d1, 2.0d0*d2)
            X2 = 1.0d0 / (1.0d0 + d2 / (Y * d1)) ! Result from FIN
            WRITE (*,10) d2, X1, X2
        END DO
      10 format(F7.0, 2x, 1p2E20.8)
    Here are the results:

    Double Precision Results
      1000.   1.16817E-02 1.16817E-02
      2000.   5.85948E-03 5.85948E-03
      5000.   2.34828E-03 2.34828E-03
     10000.   1.17489E-03 1.17489E-03
     20000.   5.87631E-04 5.87631E-04
     50000.   2.35097E-04 2.35097E-04
    100000.   1.17556E-04 1.17556E-04
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