We just released the new version of our Evergreen beta. It includes a number of new fixes.

1) MemoryScape have a few bugs
* Fix for loading Memory Debugging files with spaces in them
* Fix for missed memory leaks in Memory Comparison report

2) C++ had some specific issues that caused errors on a 'next' command and getting stuck on a breakpoint
* Fix for C++ case with inlining a reference to ostringstream where a 'next' causes the program to run to completion
* Multiprocess job has one process get stuck on a breakpoint until C++Views is disabled

3) We also fixed a specific CUDA issue we had.
* debugging multi-rank LAMMPS+MPI+CUDA on ppc64le gets into cudbgReportDriverInternalError (TVT-21892)

4) In addition we added these Features:
* Tested against latest CUDA 8.0 GA2
* Mac stability improvements
Please check the threads in this section to show how to get access to this version.