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Thread: License Issue (academic license)

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    License Issue (academic license)


    I was attempting to validate IMSL C library (academic license) by using cmath.c after installation. However, I got license issue as shown in attached figure. I am wondering should I received imsl_eval.dat via email from the
    Rogue Wave License Administrator as indicated from license setup procedure?

    - License Setup

    Note: For users having permanent licenses "License Setup" is not
    necessary. For users evaluating the product this step is necessary.

    For users evaluating the product it will be necessary to unlock the

    - Create the License File

    Using a text editor, create the license file
    <ROGUEWAVE_DIR>\license\imsl_eval.dat. Then cut and paste the contents
    of the imsl_eval.dat file that you received via email from the
    Rogue Wave License Administrator.
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    Hi Caleb,
    It appears you installed a version of IMSL C Library that requires a license file. The contents of the license file are obtained by contacting Rogue Wave Software.

    If your academic institution already has a license for IMSL C Library, then perhaps you can contact someone in your institution for the license details.

    If you are trying to use a Student License, I think you start here ( to begin the process of requesting a Student license.


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    Hi omega,

    I obtained student license number by request page which you suggested. I downloaded the .NET library, but I can't understand what content must be in "imsl_eval.dat" file. After creating the "imsl_eval.dat" file with license number I receive a Fatal License Manager Error:

    Corrupted license file.
    Error code 3
    Feature "IMSLS"
    License path "C:\Program Files (x86)\RogueWave\license\imsl_eval.dat"

    What is wrong?

    I already posted this question in ".NET library" forum. However, there are no answers yet.

    Thank you in advance.

    Evgeniy Sobko

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    Can you post the contents of your imsl_eval.dat file? It seems something is wrong with that file. Alternatively, you might contact RW Support via email, I suspect they should be able to help troubleshoot installation & licensing issues.

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    This is current content of file:

    IMSLS 6.5 Aug-01-2018 5DDCK.....R79M0

    (there are characters instead of points)

    I also tried to place into file only serial number (5DDCK.....R79M0). In this case I saw similar Fatal License Manager Error:

    The licensed product IMSLS was not found in the license file.
    Error code 2
    Feature "IMSLS"
    License path "C:\Program Files (x86)\RogueWave\license\imsl_eval.dat"

    I sent email to support a few weeks ago but they did not answer.

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    Zombie, Omega,

    Please resend your email to and cc me, the product manager at I will make sure you are sent a proper license file.
    Jennifer Locke
    Product Manager, IMSL, Views, JViews, Elixir and Stingray
    P: 713.954.6454

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