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Thread: Announcing Evergreen Beta 2017T.2.7

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    Announcing Evergreen Beta 2017T.2.7

    This new beta has several bug fixes and some new features

    The new features include support for Split DWARF on Solaris SPARC. We announce support for Split DWARF on Linux x86-64 in version 2017.1 now we are announcing this same support on Solaris SPARC. To understand the benefits of this functionality please look at this whitepaper we recently released.

    In TotalView for HPC version 2017.1, we announced early access support for mixed language debugging (Python with C/C++). This release includes automatic detection of mixed language code and some additional bug fixes to this functionality. We also recently released a whitepaper explaining this new functionality

    Added the ability to invoke and save ReplayEngine files from TVScript. This adds support for regression testing with enough recording information to debug the application.

    Now include support for debugging libraries that use DWZ compression. This is especially useful for Red Hat and other system libraries.

    Removed the need for separate licensing for Xeon Phi. It now is included in the base Linux x86-64 licensing.

    Bug fixes

    Fixed a fatal error in MemoryScape when handling targets which open dlls with RTLD_DEEPBIND.

    Improved stack unwinding on the ARM64 platform.

    Performance improvements when Going to a breakpoint that is set past a nested loop. This improvement is most noticeable on Macs

    Fixed some ReplayEngine crashes when debugging complex source code
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