We use Stingray library in our DMI application for many years.
Lately one of our customers found out the bellow behavior on windows 10. It was reproduced for me only after run all windows 10 updates on the machine.
The wrong behavior is that when the focus is on dockable view that is not docked, the menu and the toolbar are not functional. If I dock the view, they are function again.

I was able to reproduce the case with the sample "samples\toolkit\mfc\dockingviews\bounce" with bellow steps:
Run MDI.exe
Double click on RickEdit1 view
Press on the docking button (next to the minimize button)
Double click again on RickEdit1 view
Now, when it has the focus, try access the menu or toolbar - they are not functional.
Same on windows7 works just fine.

I would be very thankful to get any insight on that.