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Thread: How to implement user-defined cell format

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    How to implement user-defined cell format

    I use Objective Grid in my program. There is no cell format in your Objective Grid that can match my requirement. So Id like to defined a new cell format by myself. I noticed that I must override GXFormatText(see GX_FMT_USER.JPG). Can you show me how to implement it?

    By the way, I have another two point need your help.
    1. When I type a value less than 1 to a cell and then set the cells format to GX_FMT_MONTH_YEAR, it will cause my program crash. Why the value less than 1 cant be transferred to a month year format?
    2. Show you an example first, type 2 to a cell and set the cells format to GX_FMT_DATETIME. Then the value displayed in the cell will be 1/11900. On the other hand, the cells value shows to us will be 2 when the cell is editing. But I hope it shows us to 1/1/1900 on editing state. Do you have any suggestion? Or how can I get the formative text(1/1/1900 in this case)?
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