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Thread: IVPRK: how to know if MXSTEPS

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    IVPRK: how to know if MXSTEPS

    I am using IVPRK in my software. I am doing a time history analysis where I have to call IVPRK for hundreds of times. After every few hundred calls to IVPRK the program crashes without showing any error. Upon investigation I have found the cause, whenever the limit of MXSTEP (param[4]) is reached the program crashes. So far, I have not updated this limit, so the limit is 500 (number of steps allowed), i.e. the default.
    My question is how can I handle this error so that my program do not crash?
    So, whenever the limit of MXSTEP (of 500 or 5000 or whatever) is reached and IVPRK is unable to solve that particular time step, I should be able to handle it gracefully.

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    Error handling is a little complex in IMSL. Please see the section "Reference Material" in the IMSL manual, in particular the subroutine ERSET.

    If you find MXSTEP=500 to be insufficient, your problem may be stiff and, rather than increasing MXSTEP further by setting PARAM(4) to an even higher value and sticking to IVPRK, you should try the BDF integrator in IVPAG.

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