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Thread: Linear System Solving issues

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    Linear System Solving issues

    Hello, I've been using Visual Studio 2015, with Intel XE Composer and Roguewave's IMSL for research and some functions give me an abhorent reaction:
    LSLCB as long as most of the Linear system solving set, for example, will compile, no errors, no warnings, but will exit the program with code 1, without continuing my code. Even with the given examples.

    I'm at wit's end here, absolutely no idea what's wrong

    I've tried it with VS 2012 and 2008, with XE Composer and Intel 11.1 respectively, in the labs older computers, everything using IMSL7

    I must be missing something very basic, but I cannot figure out what
    (by the way, the first 3 examples work, everything from the 4th onwards do not.)

    Thanks in advance

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    IMSL comes with thousands of example files, so "first 3 examples" or "4th onwards" does not tell us what you have in mind. As far as the specific routine LSLCB is concerned, there is only one example in the Version 7 IMSL Math manual. I just tried it, and it worked fine.

    Do note that the IMSL manual examples are best run at a command line; if you build and run the examples in Visual Studio, the EXEs that you produce may produce a command window and send console output to it and close the window when the program completes. If the window is hidden behind other windows or because these examples run in a fraction of a second, you may incorrectly conclude that the program failed to run.

    You can do a Debug build, place a breakpoint at the first executable line, and run the program. You will then regain control and will be able to step through the program line by line as you wish.

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