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Thread: PDE2d on 64-bit machines

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    Angry PDE2d on 64-bit machines

    I have a license for PDE2d 8.4 it runs on 32 bit machines but
    with the new generation of 64bit machines it will not work.
    Is it possible to get a free replacement version for the 64bit

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    I believe the only version at release 8.4 I offered other than the source
    code license was the Windows/LF90 version (though I could be mistaken,
    this isn't Linux/g77 is it?), and if you had the source code license, there
    would be no problem recompiling. So I guess you have the Windows/LF90
    version, correct?

    Assuming you have the Windows/LF90 version: we do not currently have
    any 64-bit Windows versions, only 64 bit version is Linux/g77. We may
    map to 64-bit Windows with Intel Fortran soon, if the demand is there.

    Granville Sewell

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    Angry 64 bit PDE2D

    Sorry, I have version 8.2 for linux/g77 no source code.
    Any hope here?

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    Well, we do have a 64-bit Linux version (that actually includes both 32 and
    64 bit libraries, I run both versions on my own Linux PC at the same time),
    you can purchase it now at, it would be PDE2D 8.6
    which has a lot of nice features compared to 8.2. The price is $1500;
    or $750 for university customers.

    I can't personally offer you a discount as that is now under VNI's control,
    and the official policy is simply you buy any upgrades separately.
    But if you'll e-mail me directly at I can pass your
    request on and see if they want to make you a discount, though I can't
    promise you anything.

    Granville Sewell

    By the way, I think we will be working on a 64-bit Windows/Intel Fortran
    version soon.

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