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Thread: academic license exit code 16

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    academic license exit code 16

    Hi to everyone.
    following the installation and the readme files, during the validation the prompt gives me this error:

    Error: License has expired.
    License: C:\Program Files (x86)\VNI\\license\imsl_eval.dat
    Vendor: Rogue Wave Software
    Feature: imslf
    Exit Code: 16

    this is a student license that was given to me four days ago.

    IMSL Fortran Library x86 64 Windows Intel Fortran 14.0

    Thanks to those who choose to spend their time helping me

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    The error you are getting is that the license file has expired. I would recommend that you contact Rogue Wave technical support ( to have them verify the license file.

    Jeremy Dean
    Rogue Wave Software
    Technical Support

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    thanks for the support. with a new license, all work perfectly

    (I miss an "l" in the title and I don't know how to resolve it)

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