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Thread: IMSL Functions: C vs Fortran

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    Question IMSL Functions: C vs Fortran

    I saw both IMSL C and Fortran Library documentation here

    But apparently several functions in the Fortran library are not present in the C library.

    | Fortran | C |
    | LINRG_INT | function name ? |
    | LINCG_INT | function name ? |
    | UMACH_INT | function name ? |
    | IVPRK_INT | function name ? |
    | EVCCG_INT | function name ? |
    | EVLCG_INT | function name ? |

    and others....

    Question 1:
    Considering all the functions of the Fortran library, would each of these functions correspond to one of the C library functions?

    Question 2:
    If yes, Could you give me an example of correspondence using any item from the list above?

    Thank you,

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    I think that you have misunderstood the conventions in the IMSL Fortran library. LINRG_INT is not the name of a Fortran subprogram; it is the interface to the subprogram LINRG (which is a generic name that may be resolved into a call to LINRG, DLINRG, S_LINRG or D_LINRG).

    For questions such as these, I can't think of a reason not to consult the published and easily accessible IMSL documentation, which is also well-written and nicely formatted.

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    RCURV_INT spline_least_squares
    EVCCG_INT eig_gen (complex)
    EVLCG_INT eig_gen (complex)
    LSLRG_INT lin_sol_gen_coordinate
    LSLCG_INT lin_sol_gen_coordinate (complex)
    LINRG_INT lin_sol_gen
    LINCG_INT lin_sol_gen (complex)
    WRRRN_INT nao é necessário
    WRCRN_INT nao é necessário
    LINSOL_GEN_INT lin_sol_gen
    IVPRK_INT ode_runge_kutta
    CSIEZ_INT cub_spline_interp_e_cnd

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