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Thread: PV-Wave still on development?

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    PV-Wave still on development?


    I'm just curious if PV-Wave is still being worked on. The latest updates are from at least a year ago and messages in this forum are even older. Are there any new functionalities to look forward too or just bug fixes?


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    Hi egcp. Thanks for reaching out.

    PV-WAVE is a very mature product at this point. It has a wide array of features that solve many problems in this space. It is also a 4th generation programming language that can be extended via user added functions. A good portion of what we do is provide fixes for defects and support for new platforms. However, we do add new features when we discover something of obvious value that is missing or when we have a critical mass of customers requesting a particular feature. Is there something in particular that you feel is missing from the product that you feel would help solve a problem that you are having?

    Thanks, Tim

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