A recent customer, who purchased the Windows/INTEL Fortran version of PDE2D, reported that he successfully ran the GUI, but when he tried to execute RUNPDE2D on the resulting file, he received the error message "LINK is not recognized...".

The problem was, he was trying to run RUNPDE2D from an ordinary Windows command window (DOS box), and the RUNPDE2D command invokes the Intel compiler, which must be run from within the INTEL Fortran window. The INTEL Fortran window is basically a DOS box but with certain environmental variables set so that the proper libraries (and the LINK command!) can be found. Thus RUNPDE2D (but not PDE2D or PDE2D_GUI) must be run from within the Intel Fortran box, not an ordinary DOS window. This fact was unfortunately not mentioned in the PDE2D README file, it has been added for the next release.