On Tuesday, November 13th Visual Numerics announced the availability of EASY-FIT ModelDesign, an interactive software system for parameter estimation and experimental design of dynamical systems, authored by University of Bayreuth Professor Dr. Klaus Schittkowski. EASY-FIT ModelDesign is available through Visual Numerics? Affiliated Products and Services (VNIAPS), a channel program for downloadable high-quality software.

If you are interested in Prof. Schittkowski?s EASY-FIT ModelDesign or would like to download a trial version, please visit the EASY-FIT ModelDesign product page.

Prof. Schittkowski will be providing technical support through Visual Numerics Forums. If you have any questions about EASY-FIT ModelDesign please ask Prof. Schittkowski by following the link to the EASY-FIT ModelDesign Visual Numerics Forum.

If you are interested in purchasing and download electronic copies of EASY-FIT ModelDesign please download here.