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Thread: Multiple Header Rows in a HierachyGrid

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    Multiple Header Rows in a HierachyGrid

    In our application I have to implement a new view that has to be a HierarchyGrid.
    I implemented a class that derived from CGXRegularView.
    Now I wanted to use more than one row as header row in that view but I only can use one row as header.
    In views that injerited from CGXGridView there is no problem.
    In all those views I used "::SetFrozenRows()"-Method to get additional header rows.
    Perhaps everone has an idea of how to solve this problem.


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    Problem solved

    I found out what my problem was...
    In an Hierachical grid it is necessary to use twice as many header rows as needed.
    That's because the grid always uses two rows for one (one absolute and one logical row for the child grid).
    So if you want to have two header rows you will have to specify four rows as header.

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