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Thread: PDE2D 9.1 Breakthrough in 3D Visualization

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    PDE2D 9.1 Breakthrough in 3D Visualization

    PDE2D 9.1, now available here, features a breakthrough in visualization of 3D solutions.

    To see how easy it is now to use PDE2D to solve problems in a wide range of simple 3D regions, see the PDE2D Examples link here, where an eigenvalue problem is solved in half a torus.

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    PDE2D 9 1 Breakthrough in 3D Visualiz

    i am trying to figure out how the solution to the following PDE
    u_t=u_xx with ux,0=sinpi x and u0,t=0, u1,t=0 is ux,t=sinpi x e- pi2 t

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    To verify that u(x,t) = sin(pi*x)*exp(-pi^2*t) is the solution you just have to note that u_t = -pi^2*u and u_xx = -pi^2*u also, so it satisfies the PDE, and it is easy to check that it also satisfied the initial and boundary conditions.

    But I'm not sure that is your question...if you are asking how to solve this with PDE2D, I can send you a program, it's very easy to set up using the GUI. Send me an e-mail at if you want me to send you back the PDE2D program.

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