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Thread: Python and APLX

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    Python and APLX

    My main programming language is APL. Now I have found that Python is interesting just because of the existence of PyIMSL.

    Could somebody help me to use PyIMSL from APLX? I know, how to start using statistical R-language. It is easy:

    'x' #wi 'New' 'StatConnectorSrv.StatConnector'
    'x' #wi 'Init' 'R'
    'x' #wi 'Evaluate' '1+1'

    Explanation of the above statements: I have used # instead of box-symbol
    The last command does an R-command.
    #wi is a windows interface-function of aplx.

    I have now given an example of using R. Could somebody say or guess, how to use Python in a similar simple way from aplx?

    See also:

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    Well, I haven't written APL for a while, and I haven't used the "wi" command at all, but something like this might work:

    'x' #wi 'New' 'StatConnectorSrv.StatConnector'
    'x' #wi 'Init' 'python'
    'x' #wi 'from numpy import array'
    'x' #wi 'from imsl.math.writeMatrix import writeMatrix'
    'x' #wi 'a=array([5,3])'
    'x' #wi 'writeMatrix("A",a)'

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    Good guess but ...

    Thank you for a good guess that unfortunatelly did not work.
    I shall send your guess to Microapl (at ).

    I use aplx and apl+win for testing PyIMSL programs. In that way it is easier to program because I am an old apl user since 1976. Now I have a time series test website (mostly for myself) at .
    It is open every now and then. I can compare imsl, forecastx, forecastpro, autobox. R-programs and my own programs.


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