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Thread: about Covariances.Compute on Vista

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    Question about Covariances.Compute on Vista

    I am calling Covariances.Compute() method from vb, via a c# wrapper.
    The image is vb->c#->imsl dll.

    what imsl dll are required in runtime environment?

    On Windows 2000 and XP , only ImslCS_mkl.dll is required.
    But on Windows Vista, A not found error(ImslMKL.dll is not found) occurred
    when only ImslCS_mkl.dll. why ImslMKL.dll is required on vista?

    my imsl version is imslcs502

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    about Covariances.Compute on Vista

    Hello Lee,

    The IMSL C# Numerical Libraries "wrap" MKL BLAS routines. This means that the MKL binaries will need to be in the system Path variable whatever version of Windows you are running. This is typically set during install.

    Path = %Path%;<vni_dir>\imsl\imslcs502\bin
    You can confirm this by checking the environment variables. If the computer running Vista does not have this set, you will need to do so.


    It is far more honest to be undeservedly ignored than to be honoured without merit.
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    Hello brian.

    Good morning.thanks for your reply.

    According to my test,It doesn't need install all MKL binaries to runtime
    environment on 2000 and XP. It just need copy ImslCS_mkl.dll file
    (ImslCS_mkl.dll file only) and register it via regasm.
    RegAsm /tlb /codebase %Path%ImslCS_mkl.dll

    But on vista, ImslMKL.dll not found error occurred.
    until copying (copy only)ImslMKL.dll(and libguide40.dll,mkl_def.dll) to the same path of ImslCS_mkl.dll.

    I am wonder why ImslMKL.dll(and libguide40.dll,mkl_def.dll) are required
    on vista but not required on 2000 and XP?



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    about Covariances.Compute on Vista

    Hello Lee,

    I don't believe this deployment approach (regasm) has been officially tested on XP or Vista. That being said, my guess is that you are having security issues.

    Apparently regasm may not even report a failure to register the assembly...

    You should confirm you are opening the Visual Studio Command Shell as an Administrator:

    1. Right Click the shortcut, Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft Visual Studio 200x -> Visual Studio Tools -> Visual Studio 200x Command Prompt
    2. Select Run as administrator
    3. Select Continue on the User Account Control dialog


    It is far more honest to be undeservedly ignored than to be honoured without merit.
    Denis Fonvizin

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