Hi everybody and sorry for my english, I'm french.

I'm analyse a product where the persistence is in place with tools.h++ modules. The format of the save file is not enough readable and my customer want to have his save file in xml format.

Is it possible to use the persistence module to make a save file in this format?
At the moment, what is use is:

#include <rw/edefs.h>

with Foo the class I want to save.

then, I have:
friend void rwSaveGuts(RWFile& file, const Foo& f);
friend void rwRestoreGuts(RWFile& file, Foo& f);

For the save:
Foo f = Foo();
f >> myFile;

And for the restauration:
Foo f1 = Foo();
myFile >> f;

As I want to use Xerces to custom my xml tree, is someone know I can't pass from my actual save mode to the new one?

Thanks a lot.