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Thread: How do IMSL C++ libraries determine the License file path?

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    How do IMSL C++ libraries determine the License file path?


    This question is with respect to IMSL 7 C++ libraries on Linux (Red Hat, 64-bit).

    Can you please let me know which config settings control the license path read by IMSL at initialization, other than the environment variable LM_LICENSE_FILE?

    I have the value of LM_LICENSE_FILE set to a specific string (containing a network location on a dedicated host). However, as I execute my program from a scheduling application I am seeing that IMSL initialization ignores the value of LM_LICENSE_FILE and issues the error like below:

    >>> Checkout of CSTAT failed.
    >>> client: Message checksum failure.
    >>> Feature: CSTAT
    >>> License path: /your/network/IMSL/6.0/license/license.lic:/your/network/IMSL/7.0/license/license.lic:
    >>> FLEXnet Licensing error:-59,679
    >>> For further information, refer to the FLEXnet Licensing
    >>> documentation, available at

    I do not have anything that I know of in my environment that points to that license path, and my LM_LICENSE_FILE is set to something completely different.

    Thanks very much in advance for your advice.


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    Have you resolved this issue?

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    LM_LICENSE_FILE should point to the directory that holds the license file, typcially the license directory in the directory structure that you installed CNL. It is one of many environment variables that get set when you source the cnlsetup.csh (or .sh if on a Bourne shell). See the Readme files in the Notes directory for more information.

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